Poster boy for this massacre of the innocents

How does one go on as normal? 20,000 children face starvation in Gaza. It is not the result of some natural disaster, but a calculated step in ethnically cleansing all Palestinians from a greater Israel. We know who gives the orders: Netanyahu, who has the honor of speaking to the US Congress this week. We know who is paying billions to keep the genocide going, and that is you and I. We even know who is blocking any effective action by the United Nations: our venal Congress, stuffed to the gills with bribes from the Israel Lobby and the all powerful US weapons makers. Finally, we know how this starvation is kept under wraps by our state controlled media. The inhumanity and butchery of the US/Israeli genocidal alliance is seldom covered.

That is why we seldom see their collapsed little bodies and swollen bellies. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have already been killed. There are no hospitals and schools, all bombed out by US supplied planes and bombs. There is no shelter because Gaza is nothing but pulverized rubble. There is no potable water or sewage systems, all Israeli targets in the worst genocide of this century. And the children are eating grass and dying in droves.

Our Representative Pat Ryan, with ties to the US weapons industry and recipient of over $213,000 in pro-Israel bribes this year alone (, could be the poster boy for this massacre of the innocents. Why don't you tell him?
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Fred Nagel
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Enablers of another holocaust

What can one do when our government provides the bombs and the bullets for the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people? The current slaughter in Gaza is much worse than the Nakba of 1948, when Israel killed a few thousand while pushing three quarters of a million Palestinians from their ancestral homeland. In Gaza, Israel is just murdering as many Palestinians as it can. It is just an extermination.

Perhaps this slaughter is occurring because the US has encouraged such bloodletting in the past. Our country has always been there to support the worst of Israeli excesses. So machine gunning a long line of starving Palestinians waiting for food trucks is just another step in the moral depravity that our country has learned to live with.

Israel is the wayward child of the American Empire. It is the serial killer that the US has always coddled and protected, no matter what the body count has been. The horror of exterminating 12,000 children makes us all despair. Our country's parenting has created this killing machine, and all we can do is watch the children be bombed, shot and starved to death.

We can point to villains, of course. Like Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, who have grown rich from supporting Israel. We can embarrass Representative Pat Ryan for his huge, pro-Israel bribes. But that is not enough to save our souls. We are the enablers of another holocaust, and the mark of Cain will remain, even after our empire crumbles into dust.

Fred Nagel

They don't mind how much blood is lost

The children are starving in Gaza. Tens of thousands of them. Their hunger and suffering is part of the purposeful extermination of Palestinians by Israel and the United States. It is just another of the crimes against humanity, planned and implemented by the American Axis of Evil in the Middle East.

Our recent presidential debate reveals how little our political elite care about war crimes. There is Biden, who just can't stop sending billions in ammunition and bombs to Israel. There is Trump, who openly states that he will eradicate the people of Gaza even faster. Then there is Worm Hole Kennedy, a born again Zionist. To make sure that no candidate in the debate dares question the use of starvation as a war tactic, two right wing, Zionist CNN commentators were chosen as moderators.

That would be five lovers of apartheid debating just how many more need to die in Gaza. How many more shot, bombed or starved to death by the unholy alliance, the last, great Judeo-Christian crusade to capture the Holy Land for their Gods: Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex.

In 1968 we had an election between "Tricky Dick" Nixon, and "Dump the Hump" Hubert Humphrey, both solidly behind a continuation of the US war crimes in Vietnam. 35,000 young Americans were to die from that election. So would a million Vietnamese.

The billionaire elites are stacking our election again. They want their money, and don't mind how much blood is lost. Just vote and keep your mouth shut!

Fred Nagel

Conflicts are proxy wars

It is easy to criticize violence and bloodshed, whether it be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, or Palestine. There are always women and children being killed, and thousands more buried alive in the rubble. And the barbarism always feeds upon itself. As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind."

That doesn't mean that there is no one to blame. Most of these conflicts are proxy wars, with the major powers (China, Russia, and the United States) confronting one another by laying waste to some Third World country. The United States is the most aggressive of the three, with 800 military bases around the globe. Of course, our country talks about freedom and human rights, but these wars aren't really about that at all.

England and the US created Israel as a colony in the Middle East. At the end of the WW I, Jews made up just 8% of the population in Palestine. WW II changed all that, with a huge influx of Jewish settlers who were not welcome in England or the US. In 1948, Jewish militias used terrorist tactics to clear 750,000 Arabs from the land they had lived on for centuries. The colonizers, looked the other way.

Israel has been using terror and ethnic cleansing ever since. There are now about 6 million Jews and 6 million Palestinians in the Holy Land. England and the US must undo their colony's apartheid and make peace, like England finally did in South Africa and Northern Ireland.


Fred Nagel

Resist the Witchhunt

During the 1950s, careers and reputations were ruined when Americans “soft on communism” were branded enemies of the state. I never thought I would see the same poisonous attacks on citizens doing much-needed work for their communities, but it’s happening across the nation and here in Ulster County. 

 Here’s an example: New Paltz Deputy Mayor Alexandria Wojcik reposted calls for a ceasefire and end to the violence in Gaza written by SUNY New Paltz student groups. On May 28, the Jewish Congregation of New Paltz sent a letter objecting to “the antisemitic tone of the language” which “made our families feel unsafe.” Though the posts are long gone and Wojcik has 20 years of community service to her credit, the backlash has escalated with calls by the Jewish Federation of Ulster Co. for her resignation. Language is important, especially on this sensitive issue, but the abuse of language by JFUC President RonDavid Gold— “supports Hamas”, “outrageous attacks on Jews,” “violence against our people”— is meant to enflame and destroy. It’s the language of a witchhunt, hungry for power and victims. Reason and fairness are the only standards Wojcik should be judged by. No one deserves to be flayed by rumor and innuendo.

College demonstrations helped raise awareness

Neil Yetwin’s June 1 letter, (“What did protesters really accomplish?”) asserted the university campus protests concerning the Israeli war accomplished nothing.

What has the Israeli-U.S. genocide in Gaza accomplished? Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed, including 15,000 children and 10,000 women, more than 80,000 injured, and thousands buried in the rubble. Nearly all Gaza residents are terrorized, traumatized, homeless, exhausted and malnourished.

The entire world is watching Israel starve and bomb children to death. Israeli leaders have never looked worse, and they say the Gaza war may continue until next winter.

Israeli belligerence and violence in what remains of the Palestinian West Bank has risen sharply since 2023 as have Palestinian fatalities.

Almost 1,800 Israelis were killed and at least 3,500 wounded.

Billions now know what a Palestinian flag looks like. New, powerful, anti-war movements exist in the United States and other nations. Millions of Americans have been educated via the campus protests and many ceasefire resolutions enacted by local governments, labor unions, and civil society groups. Widening divisions exist among U.S. Jews. Anti-Zionist Jewish groups are much stronger. The war has stimulated antisemitism, decreasing Jewish safety.

Israel is more isolated internationally. The International Criminal Court may soon indict Israeli and Hamas leaders. Israel, with U.S. support, defies an International Court of Justice order.

United Nations agencies and structures are seen as ineffective. The 19-year-old Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign targeting Israel is stronger. Many now believe the international community will have to rein in Israel.

Tom Ellis

The term antisemitism

The term antisemitism has completed its long journey from the Third Reich and the Holocaust to its new home with white supremacists in the United States. The Lawler Bill, which just passed in the House, defines any criticism of Israel as antisemitism and threatens our nation's colleges with loss of their non profit status. Listening to right wing politicians attacking our universities using antisemitism as a weapon seems beyond belief. These are the same politicians who want to put more Blacks in jail, send all immigrants back to where they came from, are openly homophobic and misogynistic, and who fervently believe that Jesus is coming down to kill all Jews in the Holy Land. In short, how did antisemitism become the battle cry for the fascist elements of our society?

Zionism is fascism, with all the trademarks of its violence, racism and nationalism. Zionists want control over what's discussed in our colleges and non profit organizations. That has always been a critical step in the fascist agenda.

Another step is the targeting of businesses based on ethnicity and religion, like the recent Zionist attack on the Petit Bistro, a Palestinian owned restaurant in Rhinebeck. Such assaults resemble Nazis tactics in 1938. In fact, the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza is similar to the wholesale extermination of Jews and Gypsies that occurred during the Third Reich.

We must come together as a country and demand that this current fascist Zionist movement not destroy our democracy or our basic humanity.

Fred Nagel