Saturday, January 13, 2018

Poisonous and sly commands

re: Rowan Dordick’s statements defending Israel, Jerusalem and Netanyahoo, I believe he is another revisionist of history, based on Biblical readings that are, at best, sickening. 
This current episode starts with the horror of Passover. When god told Moses to warn Pharaoh that all first-born Egyptians were gonna’ be done-for, unless the Hebrews were set free, god played a lousy trick. He hardened Pharoaoh’s heart, so that when Moses got in to see Pharaoh, the setup was complete, and all the first born were slaughtered needlessly, obviously to satisfy a maniacal god. Also, as the Hebrews left that country, they managed to take Egyptian Gold and treasure with them, which was used to make that famous, infamous ?, golden calf. 
But back to the “history”, as is found in a heavy book celebrating humanity, so-called. As the various tribes continued through the desert, god’s voice told them, flat out, that when they get to the land he was leading them to, they were to smash the temples of the previous inhabitants, forbears of the Palestinians ?, destroy their homes, chop down their olive trees and everything else. And the Israelis today are still following all these poisonous and sly commands, and using the Bible as if it were acknowleged History. 
By the by, did you believers and apologists know that recently, Troops under orders from that Netanyahoo, entered a Palestinian village, where, after years of trying to obtain electricity, a European country paid for a solar generating system, and those freedom loving troops, and their bosses, destroyed that rooftop generating system, and retreated to their cities of god.
I’ve been an Atheist all my life, since I was twelve. I’m a Jew by heritage, which I’m happy with. I helped to free the prisoners in Buchenwald, Dachau, and Flossenberg, when I was eighteen, and I’m appalled at what the descendants of those people who went to what became Israel have, and are doing. All their defenses of Israel and its action are underpinned by that book, and the words of a psychotic old thing with a long, white beard.

Jay Wenk,  Woodstock

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