Sunday, October 1, 2017

“Tears of Gaza”

“Tears of Gaza” to be screened this Friday eve, Oct 6, at the UUCC is a film NOT to see.  It is too overwhelming to take.  The title is enough to spark recognition that we are each and all implicated in cruelty, pain and intolerable suffering inflicted through violence on women, children, on ‘the family of man.’ The looming question that was left with me upon viewing the film is:  What can I do about it – this ceaseless intolerance, ‘endless war,’ desecration of human lives?  I am open-mouthed. I do not know.  On the other hand, maybe that is a good reason TO SEE the film - so we can talk about it.  For I believe that this honest yet painful look at history is the only way towards change and creating a better world for all.

Jane Toby
Catskill, NY