Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We the people will bring down this hateful kleptocracy

"Drain the swamp" chanted supporters as the election wins rolled into the Trump headquarters in New York. The Clinton grifters would not be returning to the White House.

It turns out that the election was Trump's to lose because the Democrats had promised radical change eight years ago, only to betray middle America again by bailing out Wall Street and cheating main street. In fact, the last two Democratic presidents have advanced the interests of the corporate elite more than any politicians since the Gilded Age. Hillary was on track to push for even more fracking, "free" trade deals, endless wars abroad, the destruction of public education. And she had the backing of almost all the corporate controlled media.

What Trump offered was a rollback of any advances made by immigrants, minorities, gays and women over the last several decades. A crony capitalist and racist himself, he was able to direct middle American anger towards those who are different. It is a familiar political tactic in our pluralistic society, and a very dangerous one.

It is no coincidence that societies that are thoroughly corrupted by crony capitalism end up violent and racist. The elites often prefer a type of fascism to sharing the wealth with working people. Nixon and Reagan understood this well. So, of course, did Adolph Hitler.

Our current political system is illegitimate and our media is hopelessly compromised. But we the people will bring down this hateful kleptocracy before it destroys our lives and our planet.

Fred Nagel

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