Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let's stick it to them and vote for Bernie.

The national media crowned Hillary the winning candidate for president early on, but did include how disenchanted our citizenry is with Congress, the President, and politics in general. A 2015 poll at Harvard revealed an astonishing 75% of students distrust the federal government, 86% distrust Wall Street, and 88% distrust the media. 

Hillary, of course, is is funded by the very establishment that has created so much pain: the multinational corporations, the weapons makers, Wall Street, and the Israel Lobby. Maybe the only benefit we as citizens get this election is that nobody even believes she will change our country's direction. Obama, the film-flam candidate, destroyed "bait and switch" for at least a generation of voters. Good Democrats will trudge to the polls with their heads down this time, knowing it will only be more of the same.

Millions of Americans understand that the two party, corporate funded political system has only offered false hopes in the past, and that change won't come unless we demand more. Hillary is a war hawk, eager to involve the US in any number of foreign conflicts. Her support of neoliberal "free trade," Wall Street deregulation, and Big Oil is exactly how we have gotten to where we are today, facing endless wars and disastrous climate change. Like Occupy, Bernie inspires us with the possibility of rising up and creating a real democracy. The billionaires are furious and the establishment press is horrified. Let's stick it to them and vote for Bernie.

Fred Nagel

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