Sunday, March 6, 2016

The frenzy of sanctimonious criticism of Trump

To the Editor:

All the fuss about Donald Trump’s violence laced rhetoric towards protesters seems misplaced.  Violence towards dissenters and protesters is a long and time honored tradition in America.  Women suffragettes were attacked,   labor organizers and strikers  were attacked,  civil rights protesters were beaten and  murdered, the Chicago  police brutalized protesters at the Democratic convention,   NYC  police harassed and beat Occupy Wall St.  protesters. 

We have a long history of violence directed at protesters.  Even former Presidential candidate John McCain seemed delighted when tiny Medea Benjamin was dragged from his hearing when she  protested the appearance of  Henry Kissinger (considered by  many to be a war criminal).  

So  Trump’s advocacy for violent removal of demonstrators is right in keeping with a long standing  tradition of American hostility and brutality towards  those who engage in protest.

I suspect that the media is in such a frenzy of sanctimonious criticism of Trump not because of the violence he is advocating,  but because he  represents a threat to  establishment interests.  This establishment includes corporate media,  casino capitalists,  and the financial backers  of both  parties.  Yes,  Trump is scary!  But not only to individual citizens,  he is very scary to all those who make obscene  profits by manipulating the system through lobbyists, money,  preferential  laws,  and  trade agreements.    Were Trump to really end the true “waste, fraud, and abuse” and rampant corporate welfare he would do so at his own peril.  Despite disagreeing with much of what Trump represents I do have concerns for his safety.  

Eli Kassirer

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