Tuesday, March 1, 2016

‘Anti-zionism’ and ‘anti-semitism'

In local conversations, I have been particularly concerned about the meanings of ‘anti-zionism’ and ‘anti-semitism.’  Are they one and the same?  Are there distinctions between them? A child in the 1940’s, I was raised in a New York Jewish family under the horrific shadow and unimaginable abuses of ‘anti-semitism.’  Today, a woman in my 70’s, I am again being confronted with abuses of ‘anti-semitism’ and labels by people who equate criticism of Israel and of US policies towards Israel as both ‘anti-zionist’ and ‘anti-semitic.’  

I wonder if there is a discussion group concerned with this topic or if there are people who would like to form one.  I definitely need to.  To begin a conversation regarding this possibility, I see that Lillian Rosengarten, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, whose recently published book Survival and Conscience: From the Shadows of Nazi Germany to the Jewish Boat to Gaza (Just World Books), will be speaking at The Inquiring Minds in Saugerties, Saturday night March 12 at 7 pm.  

Born in Nazi Germany, Lillian Rosengarten went there to talk about her book and  was featured in the Jerusalem Post at the time.  I hope that amongst the audience at the Inquiring Minds, there will be people who want to inquire more deeply into this topic. 

Jane Tob

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