Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Attempts to silence free speech

After the Gideon Levy talk in Greenburgh I asked the police chief why the disrupters were not removed after repeated and extensive disruptions.  We all know that when we disrupt we are promptly removed by the police.  In any case,  he felt that they were simply exercising their right to free speech.  Yesterday I sent the following letter to three Greenburgh newspapers.  It was good to see all the mecr friends at the talk. (I would have included the names of the other speakers, but I don't remember them. Sorry)

To the Editor:
Israeli journalist Gideon Levy recently spoke at the Greenburgh Town Hall regarding the sad and disturbing truth about Israel's brutal and oppressive forty year military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. The truth about Israels' criminal behavior and human rights violations are coming to light despite mighty efforts to repress these truths. American taxpayers pay over $3 Billion a year to support Israels' occupation and grinding dehumanization of the Palestinian people.

The local (and loco) loudmouths who shouted and screamed at Mr. Levy were not exercising free speech. The local Greenburgh police need to recognize that these screaming opponents of the non-violent Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)  movement, which is trying to non-violently end Israels'  military occupation, were not exercising free speech. They were, in fact,  attempting to intimidate, inhibit, and silence free speech. Thank you to WESPAC for inviting Mr. Levy to speak.  Hopefullly, the Greenburgh police will learn to recognize the difference between exercising free speech and actions which attempt to silence free speech.

Eli Kassirer

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