Saturday, June 20, 2015

Billionaires spreading the cancer of Zionism

America's politicians love Israel, and support this apartheid state no matter what human rights abuses it commits against the millions of Palestinians under its domination. 

The embrace is all about money. "Leading mega-donors" as reported by "The Jewish Daily Forward" are buying their way into candidates' hearts. Gambling king Sheldon Adelson, property developer Adam Milstein, car dealer magnate Norman Braman, and Hollywood mogul Haim Saban, multibillionaires all, are eagerly scooping up politicians of both parties (Saban is a major Democratic donor with close ties to the Clintons).

Money talks. Several state legislatures are passing bills that limit the right of Americans to criticize Israel's human rights abuses, labeling such free speech as anti-Semitic. Trade bills now being considered in Congress would outlaw boycotts of Israeli products, and even impose penalties on companies refusing to sell products in the illegal Jewish settlements. Secretly funded websites have sprung up to ruin college students' job prospects if they speak out about Israeli racism. University professors are being pressured not to say anything "hostile to the Jewish state." And the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates with a national Jewish group to sue food co-ops that boycott Israeli settlement products. 

Democracy is under even greater attack in Israel, where Sheldon Adelson runs the largest newspaper and bankrolls Netanyahu. Organizations like Rabbis for Human Rights and Physicians for Human Rights are delegitimized in favor of extremist groups that call for the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians. 

Billionaires spreading the cancer of Zionism.

Fred Nagel