Friday, March 13, 2015

To the International Brigades

“No pasara’n!” – La Pasionaria, 1937
Yet they HAVE passed, Dolores,
our secular lady of sorrows,
passed the frente de Jarama
and the frente del Ebro
and all the other fronts –
swept Europe with fire

then disappeared, only to surface
again in a new guise
in Palestine, wolves
in sheep’s clothing, burning
the flesh of Gaza and of Hebron
and Jenin with their hellfire missiles
and their gasoline, crushing

body with soul with tanks
and bulldozers, calling forth
the rising of our IBs once more!

As long as there are
eyes to see and ears to hear, 
we shall echo your call, time
after fearless time, until their ovens
burn themselves out, until
the wolves surrender to the lambs.
We shall shout until our voice gives out,

Long Island, February 2015

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