Monday, March 2, 2015

Boycott Israeli Products

An effective way to motivate Israel to reform its policies toward the Palestinians is to boycott Israeli products. When Israel feels the economic pinch its leaders may be  inclined to end Israel's occupation and settlement of Palestinian territory that is leading to apartheid-like conditions.  Boycotts were key to ending apartheid in South Africa, and as part of a worldwide campaign they also can help in this case. This will benefit Israel as well as the Palestinians, because ending Israel's displacement of the Palestinians and its settlement of their land will give Israel the peace and security it needs.

So don't buy anything labeled "Made in Israel " or invest in securities of Israeli companies.  Brands to avoid include SodaStream, Teva prescription drugs, Leviev diamonds, Sabra, Tribe, Osem and Yehuda hummus and dips, CaesarStone countertops, and Checkpoint web security. AHAVA cosmetics are made in the Occupied Territories and should be especially avoided. Don't patronize cultural organizations like Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony, Israeli dance and theater companies, and teams like Israel National Basketball Team. Don't visit Israel and don't fly El Al, Israel's national airline.

Certain US companies also are legitimate boycott targets. Don't use the products of, or invest in: Caterpillar, Inc., whose equipment Israel uses to demolish Palestinian homes; RE/MAX Realty, which has franchises that sell Israeli homes built on confiscated Palestinian land; and Hewlett-Packard and Motorola, whose electronics Israel uses in its expansionist agenda.  Finally, don't invest in Boeing, whose jets and helicopters Israel uses to attack Gaza.

Gregory DeSylva

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