Sunday, April 21, 2013

To the Editor:

I am a fisherman in Gaza. I am hungry and my children are hungry. We go fishing in legal waters but we are attacked by Israeli gunboats and our boat is riddled with bullets. We are still hungry. Please help us.

I am Palestinian and live in the Israeli occupied West Bank. Jewish settlers stole my land and water. My children are thirsty. I dug a well but the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) destroyed it. We are still thirsty and we drink putrid, contaminated water. Please help us.

I am Palestinian and live in Jerusalem. My wife is sick and needs emergency medical care. On the way to the hospital we are detained for hours at the Israeli military check point. My wife dies while waiting at the checkpoint. Please help me.

I am a Palestinian farmer in the Israeli occupied territories. My family is hungry and my fruit trees are ripe. The IDF bulldozers crushed and burned my orchard. We are still hungry. Please help us.

I am an American. My tax dollars support Israel. I believe the Zionist myths and Israeli propaganda scares me. I support the occupation but have lost my humanity. God help me.

We are all humans. Some of us are free. Please help. Go to to see how. Thank you.

Eli Kassirer
New Paltz


Anonymous said...

Absolute disgraceful distorted propaganda. Did you make this up all by yourself? Really Mr. Eli. and Mr. Fred

Fred said...

How can anyone make this up? It is true, and horrible that anyone would even try to defend it.