Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Jewish Smorgasbord

The Jewish Smorgasbord

Building up fairy tales out of disinformation and intellectual blindness is a dangerous mixture.

And so, when did it happen that standing in the center of Woodstock, excercisng the right of free speech, became a language of hate?

Since when has exposing the billions of dollars that gratuituosly we Americans are forced to give to a country like Israel becomes a hate speech?

Israel is a country that economically is in better shape than we are here at home.  Let's see, for example, their health care plan: universal.  the envy of every American.  Construction and infrastructure surpass the American dream  (of course, out of our expense, all that construction is done on stolen Palestinian land, illegal under all universal laws and rules). Military: we are the first power, with 300 million people, Israel is the fourth power, with barely 7 million people.

And then, with that same money, we are supporting the brutality of a regime that kills children, pregnant women, and has a system of ethnically cleansing the Palestinian population, by brutally destroying their livelihoods. And that same brutality is extended to U.S. citizens who commit the "crime" of trying to protect these helpless, innocent people, like what happened to U.S. citizen Rachel Corrie from Washington State, who was bulldozed to her death by an American-made vehicle driven by an Israeli citizen while our U.S. government did absolutely nothing.

Since when has exposing these atrocities become hate speech?

And now we come to the issue of the Jewish smorgasbord.  This fusion of long-past remembrances, trying to conflate Holocaust, hate speech, yoam hashoa, antisemitism, anti-israel, "goodness for all" (excluding some), Bible tales, and then fusing it with the reality of the present genocide makes a mockery of what should be something very serious and discussed, not ignored and crushed.

Bible tales and the European Holocaust belong to the past and are old issues.  The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a current issue; it is being conducted in front of our eyes, paid with our tax money, with the blessing of our own government and perpetrated by Israeli citizens. There is not enough space here to disentangle these two issues and put them in the same dish. 

Fanny Prizant 

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you are partially correct! Good for you!
Now try to look at the realities on the ground and the historical perspective - they do count. Then look at the alternatives and come up with a more equitable solution for all.