Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Repentance and Atonement

To the Editor:
Yom Kippur is the highest of Jewish holy days. During these days of repentance and atonement Jews ask forgiveness for their own wrongdoings and give forgiveness for wrongs committed against them. It has been documented extensively by historians, human rights organizations and the UN that since 1948 the Jewish State of Israel has stolen Palestinian land and water, humiliated, impoverished, imprisoned, and killed innocent Palestinian men, women, and children. Are the Israeli Jews and their American supporters asking forgiveness for these sins? Or are they busy justifying, rationalizing and self-righteously proclaiming the need for these abominations?

I am hoping and praying that my own anger, resentment, and bitterness towards Israeli sins will be forgiven. And I am trying to move towards a place of forgiveness in my own heart for those supporters of Israel who are responsible for the unnecessary pain, suffering, and devastation inflicted upon innocent Palestinians. Finally, I hope Palestinians will find forgiveness in their hearts for me since it is the actions of my own government and my tax dollars that allow and encourage Israel in itís ongoing oppression and persecution of the Palestinians.

Eli Kassirer

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Anonymous said...

The writer's anger and resentment seem to be more of a continued personal journey for recognition and popularity among the small segment willing to read these hallucinations.
Residing some 6000 miles from the epicenter and making these anguished calls is a bit flawed and questionable.