Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fortunes Read Like Crime Novels

In a US political climate awash in corporate money, there is one immensely powerful interest group that always lies beneath the surface.

The poster boys for these immense gifts to major parties and candidates are the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Their fortunes read like crime novels, combining bribes of governmental officials, money laundering, manipulating the world’s gasoline futures, environmental destruction, and assaults on the rights of working people. And they bring the same zeal and lack of ethics into the buying of our elections. 

There is one aspect of their perfidy, however, that lies hidden from public view. Our media won't touch the one area of their "philanthropy" that is most damaging to the interests of our country as a whole, and that is their support of rightwing racism and militarism in Israel. 

All three billionaires are intimately connected to Israel, and support its government's extremist view about getting rid of all Palestinians because God gave the land to Jews.

Adelson, billionaire casino magnate with ties to organized crime, paid Newt Gingrich 10 million to say that Palestinians were an “invented” people. Now all three are preparing to spend even more on candidates who will go to war with Iran. 

What will it take before Americans stand up to this blatant corruption of our political system by outside influences? Another war because three billionaire, Zionist ideologues have the money to buy elections? Weren't the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan enough for the Israeli lobby?

Fred Nagel

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