Friday, December 2, 2011

No freedom in the land of false prophets

I ask, how can the Jewish state find freedom as occupier?
Two occupations have eaten Israel where mosques burn and a faux Museum
Sits on desecrated Muslim tombs. They call it Museum of Tolerance, I call it
Muslim cleansing, killer of those deemed inferior.
False prophets, destroyer of 800.000 olive and citrus plants, subjugation.
Collective abuse, fishermen attacked likes vermin by Israeli killer boats.
Apartheid! Word we dare not whisper, write or speak.
Condemned by true believers, the Zionist story makes one shudder.
I’ve heard the racist words before, when Jews were driven from their homes and vilified.
Now I hear it all again from a big Rabbi contender for The Jewish Heroes competition.
Asked how Jews should treat their neighbors he said:
“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way. Destroy the holy sites,
Kill men, women children and cattle.”
I remember another time, “No Jews Allowed.” Germany nearly succeeded.
Now false prophets decree Arabs not allowed, a Zionist story.
No Palestinians to live life with dignity for “We” are the chosen people.
It’s written in the Old Testament.
Lillian Rosengarten 11/29/11

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You're nuts!