Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Woodstock Times Feb. 2009

With millions of Americans out of work, why send over $3 billion a year in aid to an already rich country? The Israeli average income is $31,767 a year (as per International Monetary Fund 2008). U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel is $ 3-5 billion a year.

Israel is the No. 1 recipient of U.S. Foreign Aid in the world. While Israelis lead a country club lifestyle, they use our money and military technology to oppress and attack their neighbors.

Palestinians in Gaza are forced to live on less than $732 a year. Yet Israel is determined to squeeze more out of them. If they resist, they are labeled "terrorists", attacked, and beaten into submission. Can't our foreign aid dollars be put to better use? It's time to break the grip of the Israeli lobby on Washington and cut Foreign Aid to Israel.

Bill Campion
Mt. Tremper

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