Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some country faces a catastrophe

Whenever President Bush and "The New York Times" agree on the need for humanitarian intervention in the world, you know that some country faces a catastrophe. Iraq is the present day example. "Saving" the Iraq people from Saddam has resulted in a million deaths, a destroyed infrastructure, and a land poisoned by depleted uranium.

How could America's good intentions result in such devastation of another country and its people? Because good intentions are almost always a lie when it comes to US foreign policy. We invaded Iraq for its oil deposits, possibly the richest in the world. "Saving" the Iraqi people was propaganda, something the Times does very well.

Bush and the Times are again focusing on humanitarian intervention, this time in Darfur. Doctors Without Borders has termed their reports of genocide as "totally incorrect." And the fact that Sudan has a great deal of oil just never makes it into our national debate. But the pressure is on for another military invasion and occupation, all in the name of humanity.

If the US cared about humanity, it would tell Israel to end the apartheid treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. But the Israeli lobby has become as powerful a force in US foreign policy as Big Oil. With its allies in Congress and the US media, both lobbies are behind the Iraq occupation and the push into Darfur. Even more dangerous for the American people, both lobbies are working behind the scenes for an attack on Iran.

Fred Nagel

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