Sunday, March 11, 2007

Palestinian Christians' troubles and "The New York Times"

It is good to know that the troubles of the Palestinian Christians have nothing to do with Israeli settlers throwing stones at them, the Israeli Defense Force bulldozing their homes and building huge walls on their land, the Israeli checkpoints, the Israeli snipers, and the Israeli apartheid rules that dictate one highway for Jews and one for Palestinians.

Perhaps when apartheid finally falls, "The New York Time" will look at articles like this Sunday's "Palestinian Christians Look Back on a Year of Troubles" (March 11, 2007) and investigate how these stories ended up being so inaccurate and misleading.

But the investigations when they come will focus on individual reporters, not on the newspaper's long established practice of covering up Israel's expansion into the West Bank. Like many of our elected officials, "The New York Times" has long shown more loyalty to the Israeli lobby than to the American people.

Fred Nagel

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