Friday, June 30, 2017

The Russians are coming

Oh how the Democrats hate the Russians! The Russians caused them to lose the election. It wasn't because Hillary was so cozy with the banks, the oil companies and the rest of the billionaire lobby. Focus on how the Russians are coming and forget the rest.

If the Democratic Party was really worried about foreign countries influencing the election, it could start with Saudi Arabia, which gave Hillary 10 million before her campaign. For that tidy sum, the Saudis were given a huge military weapons deal, enabling them to bomb their neighbor, Yemen, back to the stone age. It makes no difference that Saudi Arabia regularly beheads opposition bloggers and continues to support Wahhabism, the extremist ideology that brought down the World Trade Center. 

And then there is the political influence of Israel. Millions of Zionist dollars pour into our political process, enabling this lobby to control both parties. Say the word "Palestine" and your political career is about over. 

Congress and the president routinely celebrate the most vicious attacks on Palestinian civilians, like the killing of over 500 children during the most resent slaughter in Gaza. Congress excused these war crimes, describing them as Israel's right to "defend itself." 

The Israel lobby also funds racist hate groups in the US. The David Project has extended this intimidation to college students supporting Palestine. New laws are being passed making the boycotting of apartheid products a crime. There is no more insidious foreign influence on our elections than the Israel Lobby. 

Fred Nagel

What would you call this?

Today, as I write this, power in Gaza will be cut down to two hours a day by Israel at the “request” of the puppet Palestinian Authority – comparable to the Nazi-collaborating, Vichy French. Yes, you read that right. Two hours. Twenty-two hours without refrigeration or lights, with no power even at hospitals for twenty-two hours. 

Prior to this, Israel was allowing a so generous four hours of power, and that after destroying Gaza’s only electrical plant, her water and sewage systems and other infrastructure, like schools and hospitals as well as over 500 children killed in the last Israeli attack on Gaza. And now this schmendrick, this nothing, this nebbish, Jarad Kushner, son-in-law of a clinically narcissistic imbecile, arrives “in pursuit of peace.” Give me a break. I, a Jew, have been to the West Bank more than once, I have tried without success to get into Gaza. I have experienced the wonderful hospitality, love, courage and resilience of an occupied people, the Palestinians. I have seen the check points, seen the Wall. I have seen what Israel thinks of peace. The Nazis put people in gas chambers. We called it genocide, the Holocaust. What would you call this in Gaza?

Tarak Kauff