Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Friday, May 5 in Woodstock

We artists,writers, poets, musicians and thespians love what we are doing and struggle through the most difficult times (like now!) to continue doing it!  We know everything about working in a small community to keep the arts lively and flourishing and the community - through the creative arts- lively and flourishing too!

We are lucky to live in the mid-Hudson Valley, NY, supportive of our endeavors. Now, think of living as a refugee trying to make art or do theatre in a small impoverished community elsewhere in the world.  Think of children dedicating themselves to the lively arts in such circumstances - learning to express what they are feeling; talk about their struggles; show the lives of their people. I am speaking of the children of Jenin refugee camp who have found their voices through the Jenin Freedom Theatre. Come watch these ‘kids’ produce and perform in films of their own making this Friday night, 7 pm at the Woodstock Town Hall.  Let’s learn from each other the fine art of creating in difficult times!

Jane Toby

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