Friday, June 24, 2016

The true victims

And the hasbara (Israeli propaganda) is repeated. Same quotes from opinion writers and pro-Zionist sources which hardly constitute "facts." The reader should notice that rather then defend Israeli actions-- which are daily violations of International Law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions (Separation Wall found illegal by the World Court in 2004; collective punishment; settling land taken during an offensive war - 1967) and US law (using American weapons against civilian population) --claims are made that the true victims here, the Palestinian people, are the perpetrators.

What some do not want to understand is that an occupying power does NOT have a right under International Law to claim self-defense against those being occupied. Israel does this repeatedly. Israeli Zionists hope to sew confusion in America as to what is really happening. A fiction has been developed and spread far and wide in order to transform a brutal, criminal occupation into a benign partnership with many rewards IF ONLY those bestial Arabs weren't so ignorant.

I ask you this: Imagine after decades of illegal immigration, which the authorities would not stop, brutal acts of violence against you and your family led to your land, home, business and way of life being actually taken by those illegal immigrants. Any attempt by you to regain what was thieved was considered "terrorism" and was thwarted by not only the illegal immigrants but their superpower ally. International Law and the United Nations, while providing more than enough provisions for a legal rendering in your favor kept being ignored because, well, because that superpower ally wouldn't allow justice to prevail.

Would you simply give up? Or, would you be attempting to gain back what was illegally taken from you?

If you're honest, if you empathize with the true victims in the above scenario, then you should support Palestinians in their cause.

Steven L. Fornal

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