Sunday, March 27, 2016

A little Murdock on the Hudson?

I went to Dr. Puar's presentation and did not hear the inflammatory things that the Wall Street Journal claims. She did refer to the purposeful restrictions on food imports to Gaza (well substantiated by numerous reports). I didn't hear any request not be be recorded.

Others who attended Dr. Puar's presentation refute WSJ charges as well. In fact, the charges are based on unsubstantiated claims of antiSemitism, presented as the truth but missing a recording or transcript of what was actually said.

Dr. Puar was brought into Vassar by the Jewish Studies Dept. and supported by Vassar Jewish Voice for Peace, something that should have been included in your article.

The authors of the WSJ article both work for Academic Engagement Network. From Haaretz, Israel's most prestigious newspaper: "NEW YORK – Enlisting faculty members at American colleges and universities as allies in the fraught battle against the BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) movement is the main objective of a new organization [Academic Engagement Network] that is being launched on Wednesday." In effect, the authors are being paid to shut down debate on college campuses.

The WSJ has become a typical Rupert Murdock publication, with writers being paid to distribute pro Israel propaganda, and articles full of rightwing, unsubstantiated charges. A world class college like Vassar cannot afford being intimidated by these tactics. The question is why a local newspaper like the Hudson Valley News prints unsubstantiated charges of antiSemitism. A little Murdock on the Hudson?

Fred Nagel

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