Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome to the Israel Lobby

Welcome to the Israel Lobby, a heretofore hidden organization that almost pushed our country into a war with Iran. Yes, the Lobby is immensely powerful, especially in its almost complete control of Congress. And yes, it follows the dictates of the right wing in Israel, rather than representing the interests Jewish people in the United States. 

In fact, most Jews under 40 do not want a war with Iran, and Jewish organizations like J Street and Jewish Voice for Peace played a significant role in thwarting the Lobby's schemes. For a younger generation of American Jews, having their identity as well as their religion tied to a warlike, apartheid state in the Middle East has become increasingly repugnant. 

But it was more than the US peace movement that stopped our country from committing another "war of aggression" - the supreme international crime according to the Nuremberg Tribunal. The rest of the world simply said "no" to Israel and the United States, leaving both countries completely isolated in the community of nations. Representatives of China, Russia, Europe and the Third World declared peace with Iran and moved forward to open trade links and establish embassies. Had our country rejected the peace treaty and proceeded with its aggression, we would have become a pariah state, just like Israel.

Senator Schumer should resign from Congress for siding with Netanyahu rather than representing the American people. And the US must stop sending billions each year to pay for Israel's genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people.

Fred Nagel
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Rhinebeck, NY 12572
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