Friday, April 10, 2015

Defender of Israel

Our US Senator and self proclaimed "Defender of Israel" may be the most dangerous man in America.

There has always been a problem with Schumer's love affair with an apartheid state. His determined efforts to support Israel's continuing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza have always made him look more like a religious extremist than a representative of the American people. Only a fanatic could wax eloquent about bombing schools and murdering 500 children.

And then there is all that US aid our government sends to Israel, three to four billion dollars a year while our infrastructure collapses and our public schools run out of money. Clearly Senator Schumer knows that he is robbing the American people to feed the growing militarism of his favorite theocracy in the Middle East.   

None of this, of course, makes Schumer truly dangerous to the American people. Supporting ethnic cleansing and racism is despicable behavior and certainly calls into question his belief in what we think of as American values. But it is his support of the rightwing warmongers in our country that presents a clear danger to us all. 

Israel wants the US to attack another country in the Middle East, and is prepared to pay tens of millions to our Congressional representatives to get its way. We have seen how effective Israel was in getting the US to invade Iraq. Now Schumer is leading the charge for war against Iran, again putting religious extremism above the interests of the American people.

Fred Nagel